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Cheryl Nyasha Johnson is the Founder and Creative Director of NATAi NATAi with a passion for art, design, and photography. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor focus in Art History from Principia College, IL, USA, her vision is to contribute to the economic development of Africa using art and creative expression.  

NATAi NATAi named after Cheryl’s mother, who owned a tailoring business when Cheryl was a child, was formed to encompass this vision.  

With the knowledge and expertise to make an international standard clothing brand, collaborations with a variety of tailors, and small-batch manufacturers, NATAi NATAi created its first dresses and created its rapport online.  

After it’s launch in 2019, NATAi NATAi opened its first studio and showroom with an in-house tailor. 

Using her knowledge of photography and art, Cheryl has branded NATAi NATAi beyond the borders of Zimbabwe to expand internationally and the brand continues to grow. 


Launched in January 2019, NATAi NATAi is a locally made Zimbabwean women’s fashion brand with a focus on fun, day to night pieces that accentuate the feminine physique, while maintaining a great sense of style and sophistication.  

Our goal is to offer a collection of elevated basics that are versatile, transcend time, and compliment the pieces that are already in your wardrobe. Despite our pieces being ‘basic’, they are designed to make you feel confident, sexy, and effortlessly chic.  


Our design process begins with us sourcing materials that we feel will compliment all body types and then coming up with designs that our clients want to wear right now. We pride ourselves in creating the perfect fit, so we spend time fitting our pieces on different body types before making our pieces available for purchase. We also welcome our clients to provide their specific body measurements to ensure a tailored fit.  


Creating a kinder and more conscious fashion industry is our ultimate goal at NATAi NATAi. We believe that small steps in the right direction still make a big impact, that is why instead of importing, we source our materials from local fabric suppliers, design, cut and sew our pieces in-house at our studio located in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

We understand that overproduction in the fashion industry is one of the leading global problems, from wasted carbon dioxide to excess items being landfilled or burned. At NATAi NATAi, we believe in minimizing waste and reducing our environmental footprint therefore, our clothes are ‘made to order’ to eliminate excess stock. In some instances where stock is required for our showroom or by our stockists, select items are produced in small batches.   



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